3 Tips to Save Money with GearBest

3 Tips to Save Money with GearBest

GearBest is the renowned Chinese enterprise Globalegrow. The company provides the strictly selected products of high quality. All the suppliers are managed by a professional rating system strictly following the five steps of quality control and all the products are guaranteed being genuine. Also, the company is backed by plenty of funds and resources. If you like to shop high quality products online, GearBest is the right place, and the followings are 3 tips to save many with Gearbest.

Tip 1 Using Coupons or Promotion Codes

Shopping is quite boring for most of the people. However, using coupons or promotion codes could make shopping fun and exciting. Some coupons or promotion codes could cut off more than half of the price of your entire shopping, feeling very much like opening gifts in the Christmas morning. GearBest offers a lot of coupons or promotion codes and you could easily find these coupons or promotion codes online such as Couponcutcodes (click this link), Slickdeals, Dealsplus and more.

After you find the coupons or promotion codes that are the best to suit the item or items you are going to buy on Gearbest, copy the coupons or promotion codes. Once you have finished the shopping for the item or items you desire and proceeded to checkout, apply your coupons or promotion codes in the field specified for them and the price of the item or items you have shopped will be automatically reduced.

Tip 2 Using “Add-on items”

If you would like to get better deals on GearBest, there is another great feature called “Add-on items” that you could use to save money with GearBest. “Add-on items” is a way that GearBest provides for you to get gadget and redeem it for up to 50% discount of the original price. However, you need to meet certain requirements to use the feature of “Add-on Items” and not all the purchase with GearBest have the feature of “Add-on Items”.

Once you have met the requirements for using the feature of “Add-on Items”, all you need to do are just click on “Check items redeemed” and choose the item you like to redeem. Sometimes, you could be fortune enough to get the great gadget for redemption up to 50% discount of the original price.

Tip 3 Using Free Shipping

GearBest usually only offers unregistered shipping for free shipping to the customers in certain countries such as USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Russian Federation, Romania, Greece, Israel, Ukraine, Australia and Japan, for a limited number of products. However, from time to time, the company also provides promotion codes for free shipping. In short, there are ways for you to get free shipping to save money with GearBest.