How effective are custom printed stickers at promoting your business?

How effective are custom printed stickers at promoting your business?

Stickers are a wonderful way of advertising your business because they are eye-catching, useful and fun. These printed products are inexpensive to make and they get the message across. People use them on furniture, appliances, cars, notebooks, suitcases, purses, paper bags and even on the very products they buy. Custom printed stickers are a great way to spread the branding for your business because they offer great functionality. To help you better understand the benefits of printed stickers, we outline a few of the specific merits below.

Benefits of Custom Printed Stickers

The primary benefit of custom printed stickers is brand exposure. People begin to identify who you are and what you do. A clean and well-designed sticker helps people remember your business, your contact information and understand where you fit into their lives. This strong brand exposure leads to wider brand recognition and can make you a household name. A few huge companies that have used custom printed stickers as a marketing technique are companies like, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google.

Increase Your Sales

If you plan on having a special event or sale, printed stickers can help remind people of the special date or event. They can help increase sales, especially when you hand them out just before a sale. Stickers add visual interest, help people become visually familiar with your business and helps them identify your business branding.

Offer Information

Stickers offer a visual way of offering information about products. You can create the design in a way that makes certain information clear. For example, it can highlight your contact information, special product use requirement, nutritional facts, benefits, technical information. Stickers increase awareness and sales of products.

Increase Excitement

Handing out stickers at a special event helps create that excitement about the event. People love free stuff, especially if they receive it at a fun event. It is these cute or beautifully designed stickers that work as a terrific ice breaker, a conversation starter.

Stickers Are Inexpensive

When compared to other types of branding or advertisers, stickers come out on top pricewise. Custom sticker printing does not cost too much and the benefits are often better than investments in newspaper, billboard or radio advertising.

They Offer a Simple Solution

Stickers are fun. As children we loved them and as adults we still enjoy them. You can stick them anywhere and that makes life simpler for both the business and the customer. They are simple to make, to distribute and to apply to any surface. Stickers allow you to target the exact audience you want. You don’t have to send emails, no need for AdWords campaigns and no handling of social media marketing. Stickers are just plain simple.

People Use Stickers

If you design a sticker well, it becomes a wonderful giveaway and helps get word out about your business. Keep in mind that people stick them to laptops, lunchboxes, musical instrument cases, golf cases, bags, luggage and more.

Stickers Are Easy to Make

Customizing stickers is easy. All you need is a well-designed logo, a catchy tagline, catchy colors and that is it. If you want to draw the attention of your audience, give them a sticker that offers your business branding. Even if you can’t make your own designs, you can get a designer to create an attractive option inexpensively.