How to use custom stickers for marketing a company

How to use custom stickers for marketing a company

If you need to come up with a more unusual way to market your business, then having custom stickers designed and printed can be one of them.


When it comes to custom stickers, however, many business owners do not always understand how effective they can be. That is why you should read on before you have your custom stickers printed. That way you will know what to do with them.


Draw attention to products — One of the big ways to draw attention to a product you are trying to sell or make known is to stick a custom sticker on it – see I Voted Sticker Florida as a great example of this. Especially if that sticker is brightly colored, has a very clear font, is an unusual shape and is giving the customer a message about why they should buy that product.


Get custom stickers printed and stick them on every product before it leaves your factory, and you will see a big increase in sales quickly.


Giveaways — People love to use stickers for all kinds of things and, if you give them away, they are even more likely to use them.


Have some interesting or cool custom stickers printed, and then give the away in your company, on the street, at fairs and conferences, or anywhere else you or your employees may go.


Just make sure your company’s name and contact information is also printed on them, and you may be surprised at how quickly more people know who you are.


Drawing attention to brochures — One way to attract new business to a company is to create a beautiful brochure. Once you have brochures, however, you still need to attract attention to the brochure itself. Or to something that is inside it.


Have custom stickers printed that are brightly colored and draw the eye, and you will find those brochures are picked up more quickly than others you have used before.