New Tech: Is the Lamborghini hoverboard worth buying? This review may help you decide!

New Tech: Is the Lamborghini hoverboard worth buying? This review may help you decide!

Anyone looking at hoverboards has probably heard of the Lamborghini hoverboard. One of the most popular hoverboards around at the moment, there are so many reasons a Lamborghini hoverboard is chosen over many other brands.


So many in fact, I wanted to write this review to show you just how wonderful these boards are, and how much you are likely to love owning one.


Are they durable? — The Lambo hoverboard is very well-made from strong plastic and metal. It is also able to carry a weight of just over 250 lbs. That means an adult can ride it, and it is very likely to last a long time.


The LED lights — Each Lamborghini hoverboard comes with multi-colored LED lights, and there are more of them on this board than on just about any other board on the market at the moment.


These lights are mounted on the wheel guard, making them more noticeable than lights on some other hoverboards. This means they not only look much cooler, but they also make the hoverboard more noticeable when out on the street causing it to be safer to ride.


8 inch wheels — Larger wheels are the norm with Lamborghini hoverboards as well.


This means, as they are an inch and a half bigger in diameter than most other hoverboards, they are smoother to ride on rough surfaces. They also tend to be able to navigate cracks and uneven patches on the road and on sidewalks much easier.


Bluetooth speakers inside the hoverboard — While some hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers built on the outside of the board, the speakers on the Lamborghini hoverboard are built inside the board.


This not only makes them much less likely to be damaged, but it actually helps make the sound even more rich as well.


Speed and charging distance — The speed a Lamborghini hoverboard can travel is also more than adequate, with most models being able to travel at at least 12 kilometers per hour.


They can also travel quite long distances on just one electrical charge, with the lithium battery in the Lamborghini hoverboard being able to run the board for at least 20 kilometers before it needs another charge.


Is the Lamborghini hoverboard worth buying? — If you want a hoverboard that is well made, beautifully designed, has high gloss paint, beautiful multi-colored LED lights and high-quality Bluetooth speakers, you cannot go wrong with the Lamborghini hoverboard.


With a charge only taking 90 minutes to complete, and with it being able to run over 20 kilometers before it needs re-charging, it is also a convenient hoverboard you are almost guaranteed to really enjoy riding.

Some tips on how to use it:

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