Reasons to use an article generator instead of writing content yourself

Reasons to use an article generator instead of writing content yourself

Owning a website does not just usually meaning managing it. It often also means writing content for it. Something that is extremely time-consuming and not always cost-effective.

This is one of many reasons why some website owners are moving away from writing their own content and on to using an article generator instead.

If you have been considering making the move yourself, here are a few reasons that may persuade you to do so even faster.


A time saver — One of the main reasons website owners move away from writing their own content is the vast amounts of time it takes to research and write an article.

As an online article generator can do the research and create an article in just a couple of minutes, this saves enormous amounts of time. Time that can be spent promoting the site or improving its SEO.


Articles about things you are not an expert on — Website owners will often end up having to write an article on a subject they are not familiar with. The time doing research for this type of article before it can be written is even longer.

Switch to an article generator, however, and there is no subject it cannot do research on. Articles can be bought from an article generator on everything from celebrity news to the most recent scientific discoveries and everything else in between.


The speed of article generation — There is so much competition on the Internet nowadays, the pressure is becoming immense when it comes to publishing quickly.

No longer can a content writer spend a couple of days doing research and then writing and publishing her article. If she does, most of the traffic interested in the subject has already gone to other sites.

An article generator can write an article in minutes through their article generator api. Thus allowing you to publish a piece about the latest news just minutes after it happes and long before your competitors.


The cost of an article generator — Probably the most important reason so many website owners are now using an article generator is the cost.

At one point, paying anyone to write an article could be upwards of $100. As this is a cost far outside the scope of most website owners, they had to write their own content instead.

If you buy an article from an online article generator, however, you can often get a fast and well-researched piece for less than $5.

You can also demand the exact number of words the article should have, whether it should have citations and how much research needs to be done to make it acceptable to you.

All in the couple of minutes it takes from requesting an article to receiving the finished piece.

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