Safety First – Especially on a hoverboard

Safety First – Especially on a hoverboard

It’s All About the Footing

The first question everyone asks themselves when purchasing a hoverboard for kids for the first time is where do they place their feet. The answer is simple. After placing your most dominant foot on the board first away from the middle, you can then place your second foot onto the board as soon as a green light appears. This means you have placed your other foot correctly on the hoverboard and you are almost ready for take off. After both feet are stable on the board, you can then use your toes to push forward and make the board start moving.

Which Foot for Which Turn?

In order to turn left on your new hoverboard you will need push forward with your right toe and keep the left foot completely still. For right turns you will need to do the complete opposite and push with your left toes to make a successful right turn. Learning your turns is not always an easy task, but like all things, practice only results in perfection. Also be sure when making any turn that your body is completely relaxed. If your body is not relaxed when making a turn it can cause you and the board to become off balanced which can then result in an unwanted accident. So remember, stay relaxed and become confident!

Safety First!

When trying any board for the first time it is in your best interest to come fully prepared with a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards. When you’re just starting out on a hoverboard, falls almost always happen. It is up to you to protect what you think to be the most important parts of your body, especially your head! Although you may come into the hoverboard world with nothing but confidence, we all know that mistakes due happen and no one wants an injury related to not coming prepared with safety gear. Keep in mind there are also many other items you can purchase for safety like spine protectors for those with a bad back and even ankle guards to help you avoid the board hitting your ankles.