Spark the Creative Bug

Spark the Creative Bug

Has your child been bitten by the creative bug? As children grow and progress towards each milestone it’s important that we nurture their curiosity and ability for self-expression. Nurturing their creativity helps them to not only express their feelings but learn how to process those feeling to cope better. Creativity also promotes healthy mental development in children through exploring, problem-solving, imagination and forming artistic as well as technical skills. In this article were going to speak about an excellent creative outlet the benefits of a digital camera and photography. This digital age is zapping imaginative play, too many children spend all their time indoors, and way too much time with their heads down texting, and on social media. For young ones too immature for the responsibility of a cell phone, or social media, or those teens who have a serious cell phone addiction, this article is for you.

Nurturing skills that open doors

“Whatever the reason, whatever the season”, a new sibling, a new pet, holidays, and fond vacation memories, a digital camera can freeze that moment in time to be preserved and cherished forever. Focusing on the other side of the lens is a whole new world of different opportunities to gain skills that he or she can develop and nurture into a life-time hobby, or a career such as:

  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Commercial/Industrial Photographer
  • Studio/Portrait Photographer
  • Food Photographers: Professional food photographers work alongside food stylists to create images of food for use in advertising, menus, cookbooks and other media.

Creativity comes out to Play

Fictional plays and drama help children imagine alternative possibilities and scenarios where they record, replay, and edit, all with their digital camera (visit best camera for kids to see which cameras would be suitable). Doing so encourages divergent thinking, helping them think outside the box, to think in non-uniform ways. Nurturing your child’s own natural curiosity and creativity has many benefits overall it will be a wonderful opportunity to teach your child and spend quality time with them too. Squelch summertime, weekend, and spring-break boredom blues and create a scene.

(a) Pretend to be a Food Critic, and you child is taking pics of the food for the article to be written,

(b) Pretend you are in Safari taking pictures of Wild-life, or go to an actual zoo

(c) Transition to a Nature-Hike photographer taking pictures of landscape, trees, different species of insects and plants.

(d) Teaching your child how to point, and focus their lens is a great Parental teaching moment.

(e) Model for a Photo-Shoot

(f) Detective for a Crime scene: seek evidence and clues and take pictures to be examined for evidence

(a) Be a videographer for an Investigative reporter

A digital camera can soothe the challenge of a digital detox. It forces ones to explore, and focus. Break the trend and Boost your child’s creativity and harness the power to spark change in this world today, tomorrow and for their future.