How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Website

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Website

Want to learn how to use Instagram to promote your website? Well, before you begin first realize that Instagram doesn’t offer gimmick marketing. There’s no promise of instant rewards for your Instagram efforts. So, why do it? Because Instagram in the last few years have exceeded Twitter in users. The number of users is now estimated at over 300 million.


Instagram As A Promotion Formula

Your goal is to deliver your website as a brand. This can be accomplished on Instagram in three ways:


  1. Create a link to your website in your bio
  2. Embed occasional special discount codes in posts
  3. Write posts that include images from your website


The purpose is to make your Instagram account an accurate representation of the products and services that your website offers. Don’t overtly sell items, instead use images to influence viewers. Instagram allows you to create a promotion formula that involves showing your products without directly asking for sales. Don’t oversell, instead, encourage. On Instagram, people don’t want to feel like they’re being pressured into buying something. But, they do enjoy browsing images. So, make certain that you provide “eye-catching” visually stimulating imagery. Images that pop with color, design and originality. If you want to grow your online business/website by attracting new customer, then use Instagram as a promotion formula.


Use Good Photos or Hire A Photographer


Include photos in your posts related to your product and services. Even if you integrate trending topics; make sure that they’re related to your industry and not anything close to your nearest competitor. The power is in the words that you post to accompany the image. By all means if you have decent photography skills and a high quality digital camera, then use your own photos. If not, hire a photographer. The rewards from the photos will be well worth the investment. Add words that accurately represent your brand. Descriptive language should be avoided, just use writing elements that encourage interactions.


Final Thoughts


In some aspects of sports and marketing, people live and die by the “go big or go home,” approach. However, with Instagram this doesn’t apply. Don’t include blurry photos or images that require the user to zoom in to see what is being displayed. But, stay away from posting images that are so big, they become a visual distraction. Post, promote, place an image, promote. All, without a direct sales line. Let your images and words serve as the best advertisement for your business. Then add special discounts, extra incentives and first time buyers (Instagram Only) coupons.


Instagram is an image centered social media platform. Use it well and watch your instagram followers grow and with it the number of organic website visitors will increase. Finally, use descriptive words and hashtag labels, not sales jargon. Images are like documents in a visual format. If the images are pleasing to the eyes; the users will become interested enough to visit the website. Please do encourage visitors to read the bio for a link to your website.