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How Does SEO Play An Important Role In Your Business

Search Engine Optimization has been important in making website content optimized in terms of its images and text. These sites will become optimized for people to easily search the page whenever they type a set of keywords (words also present in the website’s content). Thus, the help of SEO is to improve the traffic and volume of visitors on a website whenever it is searched in sites such as Yahoo and Google. This article will show you all the basic things that you need to understand when using SEO (e.g. SEO Sydney) for your business website.

First, you need to understand the steps that search engines perform whenever they provide the search results to its users:


  • The websites first gather web pages connected to a certain website. These are called “spiders” who perform “crawling” activities to see the pages.
  • The gathered websites are saved in a huge database for the site to be sorted according to an index of keywords from the site itself. This process is called indexing, and it even included expressions based on internet searches by users.
  • The site then compares any word that the user types when searching. The search string and the gathered data are compared to see if it the links fit what the person is looking for.
  • Lastly, the results will come in the form of various links related to what the user has typed on the search engine.


The following procedures take less than a second as computers can process data at a very fast rate. As seen from the steps, the search engine collects certain data based on words. These steps are what SEO exploits in order to manipulate the flow of data to the point wherein an internet search will bring a business’s website closer, or not directly to the first page and/or first result of a certain search string.

So How Can It Help Businesses?

SEO serves as a marketing tool for numerous businesses nowadays. In fact, businesses find it very essential to get their sites optimized through the means of this technique. Here are the reasons why SEO is extremely needed in many businesses nowadays:

As An Essential Part of A Business

Note that people typically click on the first five links of search engine results, as they prefer to search faster by browsing through sites and not on the search engine. That’s why the help of SEO will be very important in bringing businesses towards better recognition. SEO is also good for social media promotions as people can easily share your content over Facebook or Twitter if they easily found your site and proved its helpfulness. Lastly, note that people trust the capability of search engines due to their accuracy. That’s why any website on top of search results are automatically considered as a trustworthy or more popular source as the site is fully optimized in terms of content.


The brand awareness is a very important factor for businesses as it multiplies the number of customers in the future – as long as the brand is proven to be good. Getting a place at the top search result ranks means better recognition for millions of people who might be interested in things related to your business; those who search for what you may provide online.

Increases Search Engine Ranks

The help of SEO can boost the ranks of your site in search engines. This helps more traffic to be diverted to your pages, which is a perfect scenario for startups who are marketing online.

Makes Your Site Very Engaging

Many site owners tend to find SEO specialists who can provide engaging content. It’s the main factor that makes SEO a good practice for all business sites. Customer engagement can make any product or service appealing as it gives customers a mindset about your product. People tend to build relationships based on similarities. With your site placing itself on a customer’s opinion, expect that they will feel more engaged and willing to deal with you.

Improves The Conversion Rate

Conversion rate stands for the ratio between the people who are now your customers and the people who are still viewing your content. The help of SEO basically acts like a salesperson providing the right words to tell potential customers who are “just looking” at the product. One right move and they can become instant customers. A highly-optimized site does the same exact thing in malls and dealerships.


Search Engine Optimization is basically the salesperson that represents your business. These sets of words and images are what makes your site not just easier to search based on what the person types. It’s also a method where your content can become appealing enough thanks to the right placement of words that will surely attract any viewer when they see your business online.


The Animation Of Your Business Creation

Do you like being bored? Hell no, you don’t. You love being captivated and fully immersed in an experience that makes you forget about yourself. Can you think about such experiences where you have been able to remain present and not be distracted? If you have, then you might want to remember what it was about that experience that allowed you to live in the moment. In these situation, chances are that you were highly animated. You know what else is highly animated? Cartoons and video games. As you know by now, both of those industries have achieved an insane amount of consistent success. If you are an entrepreneur, then it is highly likely that you are conducting your own research to assist you and your business in becoming more successful. Or you may be looking into ideas that can help you get your vision delivered to possible investors.

What Is Not Captivating

You know what doesn’t keep the majority of people’s attention? Charts and graphs. Don’t get me wrong, charts and graphs play their part in assisting you improve your business and are valuable tools when used in the proper way. However, if you are wanting to get your vision and ideas understood by investors, then it’s a good idea to stay away from them. It is difficult for most to give their full attention to something so boring. It may be interesting to you, and that is fantastic because that interest in the mathematical aspect of your business is crucial for being able to spot places that need improvement. You can always give them a long, drawn out speech that might end up having the same effect as the charts and graphs. Even if you are pitching your ideas and overall vision to friends and family as practice (which is smart), you still want to be able to captivate their attention.

What Can Work

As you know by now, kids love cartoons and video games. Even adults love cartoons. Just look at the success of adult cartoons such as Family Guy and The Simpsons. Adult cartoons even have their own channel. Why are cartoons so successful at maintaining people’s undivided attention? Part of the reason is due to the animation of the cartoons. They are lively. Because of this, they are able to get their comical message across. And even though these cartoons aren’t pitching to possible investors, they are still catering to the general population. This is why using animated explainer videos to explain your ideas to people can have tremendous positive effects.

Why It Can Work

Another industry that has been incredibly successful in maintaining the undivided attention of many people is the video game industry. Games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto have acquired massive levels of success because they provide people with something that is able to captivate their minds and ignite their creative dreams. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and use the animated videos to deliver your vision to anyone. You can even try adding some humor in it. It won’t hurt. You can only learn from your experiences.


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