AI and what’s to come.

AI and what’s to come.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be scenes from the movie I, Robot or The Terminator and ,in fact, you are not far from the truth. Today science is able to do miracles things such as build robotic body parts, invent cars that drive on its own and use facial recognition to identify people. How will the future change shape as Artificial Intelligence becomes more prominent in our everyday lives? Our post was inspired by was this article on forbes by Zeb Evans on “What to expect from AI in the future”.  So, if you want to find out, keep on reading.. or check the article on forbes for a different view.

The future of socializing

Humans are social beings and that is one thing that is not going to change in the near or distant future however the way we are being social is rapidly changing. The way we initiate conversations-what used to be a phone call, a drop in at someones house or a letter in the mail is now an email, a text or a “like” on social media. If you are feeling really social you may even try a face time call. Because our use of technology is increasing we are interacting with screens more than people there may be a time where are phones and computers do the calling and the talking for us. A machine could leave voicemails or send a text message to a friend, family member or colleague that are in our tone of voice and send during times that are based on our habits. It could even schedule or cancel appointments for us. The purpose of technology is to make human lives easier and for some of us that includes handling the tasks that make us a little bit socially anxious.

The future of work

Remember when going to the store was a somewhat social event? You go in, you pick out your groceries, you made eye contact with the people that worked there and the people who were shopping and then you wait in line and have small talk with the cashier. Now you, in most places, you have the option of opting out of human interaction all together by going through a self check out line and little by little customer service positions and reptile jobs are being replaced by AI and more and more coding, programming and engineer jobs are being created. This also means that employers are recognizing more and more the value of the characteristics that computers and robots cannot replace and that is creativity, love and compassion. Which could mean growth and opportunity for careers that require those characteristics such as artist, writers, psychologist and many other professions a like.

These are just a few ways that we see AI is paving the way and changing the future. Please comment below to leave your thoughts!