Are custom airpods cases worth it?

Are custom airpods cases worth it?

If you own an iPhone you have probably thought about purchasing some air pods to go with it. Or if you haven’t, you should. Air pods are the new way to listen to music on your phone. They are just like normal ear buds but these don’t come with a cord attached so that they don’t fall out as easily, instead they are completely blue tooth.

However when you have a product like this, small ear buds that are going to go in your ears without a string to attach them to your phone, they can be easy to lose. In order to keep track of these air pods, there are cases that you can buy. Typically air pods will come with their own white plastic case when you buy them but these can be hard to put the air pods into or take them out of. They’re also white and can also be easy to lose if you don’t keep track of exactly where you put them.

There is an option to get a custom air pod case, there are many pros that come with getting a custom airpods case, but is it really worth buying a separate case if you already have a case that works perfectly fine? It depends on who you ask.

Some will tell you that it isn’t worth it. You have a case that you can put your air pods into to keep them safe, as long as you remember where you put the case then you will never have to worry about losing them. Keep them in a consistent place and that will never be problem.

But what about if you take air pods traveling with you? If any of your friends also have air pods, you could easily mix the air pods up and trade on accident. But if you had a custom case, you would never have to wonder which air pods are yours and which ones belong to someone else.

Air pod custom cases are not skins for the air pods themselves but it’s a case that you put them into. This comes in handy if you make a habit of leaving your air pod case lying around the house, school or work. You can get the cases custom made with your name, a logo that you love, or any color that you want.

These custom cases are 100% customizable and you make them as unique as you want so that you never lose or misplace your air pod case again.

These cases also make a great gift. With the holidays coming up just around the corner, you never know who might appreciate a custom air pod case so that they never lose their cases either.

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