Five of Canada’s most preferred  VPN providers.

Five of Canada’s most preferred  VPN providers.

No one should ever assume that they are safe from hackers looking to still information or data from you when surfing the internet. Not being able to hide your presence on the web can pose a lot of trouble to you and mostly to any of your private data contained in whichever device that you are using.

Another important reason as to why you should be able to make your presence on the internet invisible is because just like in America the government might have surveillance on everything you do on the internet here in Canada. This is because of the recent invasive laws were forced on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) requiring them to keep and maintain every web browsing history on governments behalf.

There maintaining digital privacy is becoming very important and below are five VPN server providers here in Canada (more thorough reviews can be read here: Best VPN Canada) that you should use to hide and protect your identity.

  1. Express VPN

On this top five list, Express VPN takes the number one position because of some fundamental reasons; one being that they have one of the strongest privacy policy. Though this they ensure that they do not keep any usage logs.

Another thing is that it has various server locations here in Canada in addition to 94 others in different countries. It is very fast and easy to use with a protection future that has a kill switch that used in case of any hacking.

  1. Buffered VPN

This VPN comes in on second place despite it still being new in the market. This server provider allows three users to connect at the same time simultaneously. Its servers are located in 35 different countries and also does not keep any of its user’s login details.

It guarantees fast speeds when using it, and its main feature advantage is the ability to unblock nearly all banned sites which is a rare thing nowadays in the world of VPN usage.

  1. IPVaanish

IPVanish trails in on third place though eying the second position due to the super speed that it guarantees to users. Also as a bonus, the server is relatively cheap when purchasing and boasts of 60 server locations in different countries.

It maintains zero logs on their servers too, and its features allow torrenting by their users.

  1. NordVPN

If you are very much concerned about your security as opposed to other things, then this will be an excellent VPN server to use. Its software feature is focused mainly on safety in addition to keeping no logs when using it.

The VPN provider also allows torrenting and accept one to pay for it through use of Bitcoins. Its servers are located in 60 countries globally.

  1. VPNArea

Coming up on our fifth position on top five best VPN providers in Canada is VPNArea, hosted in Switzerland but provided in Bulgaria. It also boasts of fast speeds when using and allows five different users to use it at a go simultaneously.

Its servers are in 45 different countries and guarantees that no logs are kept that can be used to compromise your identity.

With all the above VPN providers you can be sure that you will be invisible to any danger of being hacked or leaving a trail that can get used against you in any way possible.