Tech for Detecting False IDs

Tech for Detecting False IDs

Tech for Detecting False IDs

False IDs such as ID cards and passports are becoming rampant these days. One of the keys to combatting them is going to be using current tech that’s up to the job. These include online services among other options. Here are a few examples.



This online service provides identity data that you can use right on an android or iOS app in order to verify that an identifying document is legit. This will work on driver’s licenses, ID cards, passports, and various other global documents. You’ll have to check the service itself to see what is supported.

The service has facial recognition ability, so it can analyze a picture on an ID card against an image of the actual person standing there in order to make sure that key sites on that person’s face match up properly, indicating that they are indeed who they say they are and that the ID is likely legit. The service can also verify multiple fields from the ID card such as nationality, address and others against proper databases provided. The service works on ID cards for more than 100 countries and it can be integrated simply into whatever system you want using the id verification API calls technique to make sure that everything works together, that way you don’t have to worry about getting an entirely new system.



This service deals with barcode identification to make sure that a barcode on a card matches up with codes from databases in the US and Canada. It can read barcodes from just about any service that you can think of and on any platform including even Linux, but also Windows, Android, Mac and so on. Using a barcode identification technique is going to be effective since it’s nice and quick.



The INtellicheck online service will make it easy for those who need to check IDs, passports and so on for age. This includes making sure that the card is legitimate and not a fake, of course. However, it will also tell instantly what the age on the card reads as to verify that someone is old enough to purchase whatever product is being sought so that companies remain compliant with the law for products that require a minimum age in order to be purchased.

Overall, it’s important for many companies to ensure that ID’s are legitimate, and technology is increasingly becoming better at preventing the fraudulent product of IDs that can pass muster when they are being analyzed carefully by the best services around. UV light isn’t cutting it anymore, due to the ability of counterfeiters to copy it and tech is increasing its detection abilities as a result.