Why you should be automating your social media accounts with bots like Jarvee

Why you should be automating your social media accounts with bots like Jarvee

If managing your social media accounts has become stressful and time consuming for you, it is probably time to look into using bots like Jarvee.

Bots can be a life saver for people struggling with their social media. They can also be a superb way to help you grow your accounts to places you never thought were possible.

Automate all your social media — If you have never automated your social media accounts before, you have no idea how much time it saves.

Most people that are professional influencers automate all their social media. That way they can post even when they are sleeping. They can also post a huge number of times a day, which would not be possible if they had to make every post themselves.

Bots like Jarvee allow you to automate all your social media accounts from one bot account. This does take a few hours to set up but, once you have, the time savings are enormous.

Growing your accountsJarvee bot also allows you to grow your accounts quickly. This is due to the huge number of likes, shares, posts and follows a bot can do quickly, while it would take you days to do the same number yourself.

As the more you like, share and follow other people, the faster your own social media accounts will grow, once you are using a bot you will see how much faster your accounts grow.

Reduces the content you have to create — As you can also set up a bot like Jarvee to share other people’s content, this reduces the amount of content you have to create yourself.

As shared content will usually get the same amount of attention as original content, that means you can also grow your own accounts more quickly by using other people’s content.

Becoming an influencer is easier with bots — If you want to become a social media influencer, you will need a large number of followers to be able to do so.

Jarvee makes becoming an influencer much easier to achieve, as it allows you to do hundreds more things in a day on your social media accounts than if you had to do them yourself.

That means someone just starting out in social media can become an influencer in months rather than years.

No chance of being banned — Social media platforms will often ban the people using bots as they do not want some to have an unfair advantage over others.

With bots like Jarvee, you can make sure your accounts are not banned by setting up the bot to use a different proxy for each one of your accounts.

This keeps your accounts safe and still allows you to post a huge amount of new content every day.